Happy New Year!

The UKIP Clacton Committee wishes all our members, supporters and voters a happy and prosperous new year.

This is quite an eventful year with the UK set to leave the EU on 29th March and an election for UKIP Leader, presently Gerard Batten, soon after that.

Locally, it’s also a big year for Tendring, with the District Council election taking place on Thursday, 2nd May. The number of Councillors is being reduced from 60 to 48 with those Councillors representing 32 wards.

We are hoping to stand candidates for all 48 vacancies and I am really keen to hear from anyone who is interested in standing.

Councillor Mary Newton
Tel: 01255 812 371
Email: chairman@ukipclacton.com

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Branch Christmas Party, 4th December, 2018

Branch Christmas Party
The branch Christmas event this year will be on Tuesday 4th December at Wick Lodge, starting at 7:30PM. Admission is £3.00 per person and includes a glass of mulled wine, a mince pie, a raffle and a guest speaker!

So we have an idea of numbers attending please RSVP to Mary Newton by email to chairman@ukipclacton.com or by ‘phone on 01255 812 371.

Wick Lodge, 145 Jaywick Lane, Clacton-on-Sea CO16 8BG

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2018 Annual General Meeting

On November 20th we held our Annual General Meeting at Wick Lodge. After a presentation by the Chairman, the Treasurer and the Secretary we had a vote for Chairman for the coming year and Mary Newton was returned unopposed.

The old Committee stood down and the Chairman then oversaw the election of the remaining branch Officers and Committee members. The details of the 2018-19 Committee are shown below:

2018 – 2019 Committee
Chairman: Mary Newton
(E: chairman@ukipclacton.com  T: 01255 812 371)

Treasurer: Alex Porter
(E: treasurer@ukipclacton.com)

Secretary: Mike Vaughan-Chatfield
(E: secretary@ukipclacton.com)

Membership Secretary: Anne Davis
(E: membership@ukipclacton.com T: 07914 080 449)

Events Organiser: Graham Townley
(E: events@ukipclacton.com)

Webmaster: Peter Cawthron
(E: webmaster@ukipclacton.com)

Other Committee members:
Bob Newcombe
Beverley Sencier

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Calling all UKIP Members.
Join UKIP Councillors at the War Memorial, on Sunday 11/11/18 at 11am to remember all those that paid the ultimate sacrifice in Two World Wars that we may live as free men.

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An Evening With Paul Oakley

Clacton Branch invites you to an evening buffet at Wick Lodge on Tuesday 23rd October at 7:30 PM to meet with UKIP’s Paul Oakley. Paul, a barrister by profession, has served on UKIP’s National Executive Committe and will talk on Brexit and immigration.

Tickets are £8.00 per person and include a buffet. Drinks are available at the bar. To pre-book contact Mary Newton on 01255 812 371.

Wick Lodge is at 145 Jaywick Lodge, C016 8BG and has ample free parking.

The event is open to members and non-members.

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Gerard Batten “Turns around UKIP”

Since taking over in February Gerard and his team Tony McIntyre Chairman, Sebastian Fairweather Treasurer, Liz Phillips Personal Assistant who do difficult and demanding roles on a voluntary basis, the team at Lexdrum House in Devon under David Chalice, Manager, and Hilary John, Accounts. Without this small band of dedicated people, UKIP would not exist. And last but not least, the NEC who have been cooperative and supportive of Gerard and the decisions he has made. UKIP’s longtime press officer Gawain Towler who works with Gerard on a part-time basis. Gerard has saved us from destruction.
The UKIP Patrons Club has been reformed as a Limited Company so that its funds are protected and the use of money transparent to its members. Patron Club members pay a subscription of £1000 per annum.
We are also raising money from the Sovereign Draw (please, play if you don’t already)

UKIP is the Party that stands for restoring Britain’s institutions such as Parliamentary democracy, and a free and impartial legal system under our statute and common law-not rule by foreign law. We will publish a new manifesto for publication in September with our aims and intentions clearly set out. Every policy in our Manifesto will have one guiding principle behind it-that is in the National Interest.

“No more payments to Brussels, no more EU laws imposed on us, and no more open borders”

UKIP the Party of traditional British values, tolerance, free speech, free thinking and debate.

We trust we can look forward to your continued support.

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Come to Birmingham in September and help celebrate our silver birthday!

We’re also planning for the next 25 years, so come and have your say.

BOOK NOW: ticketsource.co.uk.

If you know a member who’d like to attend but does not have access to

a computer, please tell them about the conference and ask them to contact

UKIP HQ on 01626 830630 where a member of the team will be happy to

help them.

UKIP 25 years young.

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Advanced Information of Upcoming Dates

It was agreed that we set the following dates for meetings at Wick Lodge commencing on 22nd May.

The quiz / activity nights will be held in the meeting room used previously and commence at 7.30pm . The bar will be open from 7pm so we can start refreshed on time.

The social activity evening will focus in the main on a quiz evening but other variations will be held to retain interest.

The meetings are planned for 22nd May, 19th June; 17th July; 12th September, 23rd October , 20th November, 4th December which will be held for 3 hours as the Christmas Function.

Please diary these dates. We will advise you of a suitable date for a Branch Membership Meeting in the next few days. We hope to be able to enjoy the company of a suitable Guest Speaker.

The Coffee Mornings will continue to be held at the Toby Inn commencing at 10am and finishing by noon. The next meeting will be held on 26th May and thereafter every two weeks- such is the response to this popular facility.

The full minutes will be circulated in due course but I thought is essential to get dates out as soon as possible so you can complete your diary and join us. Mike VC

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November AGM

Antony Finnegan-Butler, retiring as Chairman due to ill health, was thanked for all his work for us.

Mary Newton was voted in as the new Chairman.
David Kurten, ukip spokesman for education, gave an inspiring talk.




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2017 UKIP National Conference September 29-30th at The Riviera Centre, Torquay

The stage.

3 the stage

Part of the auditorium filled with members from all parts of the country.

4 the auditorium

Steve Crowther, retiring after his years as National Chairman and more recently interim Party Leader, gave his best, most encouraging speech ever.

1 Steve Crowther

Members voted between 2 possible logos, and after the coffee break UKIP’s new logo was announced. We all hope it will grow on us.

2 Our new logo

There were several very informative, rousing, and sometimes humorous speeches over the two days.

And earlier than expected on day one the Leadership election results were announced. Huge cheers nearly lifted the roof when it became clear that the winner bya very comfortable majority was HENRY BOLTON OBE.

7 Our New Leader Henry Bolton OBE

The Conference ended with rousing – and very moving – anthem singing: the National Anthem, Rule Britannia and Land of Hope and Glory.

8 concluding with heartfelt anthems

Most members returned to their Branches filled with new hope for UKIP’s future.

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General Election 2017

2017 Clacton general election

But in the early hours of June 9th the result of the poll was announced. Giles Watling won for the Tories, and you can see how pleased with the number of her votes was this Labour candidate – as were many nationwide. Paul sadly came third. His was the seventh highest UKIP vote in the country. It was altogether a very disappointing night for UKIP. Time now to reflect and regroup

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UKIP Needed More than Ever

We cannot agree with people who say that, now Article 50 is triggered, it is “Job done”.

The job is, in our view, far from done; and to assume that all will go ahead in a straight-forward, totally satisfactory manner, would seem to be somewhat naïve, if not outright wishful thinking.

Unfortunately we have a Government – in fact a whole Parliament – full of people with a cap-in-hand mentality. They are not accustomed to standing on their own feet and running our country for the benefit of its people. For too many years they have waited for Brussels to tell them what they must do, so that now, acting independently is a task which they seem to find daunting, as if they scarcely know how to handle it.

David Cameron went cap-in-hand around the 27 EU countries, yet he achieved precious little. Theresa May looked ready to go cap-in-hand to Brussels, but with her cap full of our money to bribe them into letting us do what she wants. Instead of that, she should be going there with our mandate in hand and telling Brussels what we require to have done.

We are still suffering cuts here at home while continuing to pay an exorbitant amount to the EU. Negotiations for our leaving are only just beginning, more than a year after the Referendum ! And when our first Independence Day has already been celebrated !!!

And as for paying a “leaving fee” – well, that is simply ludicrous. The time for the UK to STOP being a soft touch is NOW.

Which is why UKIP is still so badly needed.

Some very silly people at the top of UKIP have done and said silly things – and not only at the top but here in our midst too. Your Committee will not be deflected by any of them. We are determined, along with the majority of our members and supporters who are decent, clear-thinking people, to press on and do our bit towards a brighter future for our country. We will support our Party as it develops its policy of unity and reform to grow our membership across the UK, and as it monitors Brexit progress.

Knowing that, across the whole country, thousands of UKIP members are keeping watch helps wonderfully to concentrate the Government’s efforts!

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Branch Committee Members
During 2017

Anthony Finnegan-Butler
Email: acfbutler@sky.com
Phone: 01255 851 035

Joan Wrigley
Email: ukipclactonjohn@hotmail.co.uk
Phone: 01255 820833

John Roper
Email: mojacarjohn123@gmail.com
Phone: 01255 761012

Membership Secretary
John Wrigley
Email: ukipclactonjohn@hotmail.co.uk
Phone: 01255 820833

Events Organizer
Mike Vaughan-Chatfield
Email: mikevc@btconnect.com
Phone: 01255 814 801

Ben Smith
Graham Townley
Kate Hammond

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Dear Clacton Member,

The branches of Clacton and Harwich are to hold a joint hustings to select a candidate to stand for the party in the seat of Tendring Rural East in the 2017 Essex County Council Elections to be held next May.

You are invited to attend these proceedings at WICK LODGE, Jaywick Lane, Clacton-on-Sea to be held on Wednesday December 14th at 7.00pm for 7.30 pm.

The candidates offering themselves forward will be able to introduce themselves and make their case to the voting members assembled. They will have a limit of five minutes each.

We look forward to seeing you on the night where you will have the opportunity to select your party’s Candidate for Essex County Council.

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Reply From The Essex Police & Crime Commissioner

A few days ago your Chairman, Cllr. Mary Newton, wrote to Essex Police & Crime Commissioner, Nick Alston. This is the reply from Nick Alston:

Dear Councillor Newton,

Thank you for your email regarding proposed cuts to funding, in particular to those affecting PCSOs, which are still currently subject to consultation with affected staff.

Whilst the announcements made by the Chancellor of the Exchequer were encouraging, significant financial challenges still remain for Essex Police and constabularies up and down the country.  At present out best estimate is that Essex Police will need to find savings of between £10-12 million in 2016-17.  Given that 83% of the force’s budget is spent on staff it is inevitable that moving forward the number of people employed by Essex Police will get smaller.

Most of the savings which will need to be made are a result of cost pressures  such as changes to National Insurance and inflation that all police forces still have to meet.  In addition, the government has indicated that part of the central funding may be “top-sliced”, in effect ring-fenced at the national level for certain specialist functions such as increasing the number of trained firearms officers.

The definitive figure will not be made known until the full financial detail of the Comprehensive Spending Review is shared by the Government in mid-December 2015. Over the coming weeks the Chief Constable and I will be discussing in detail how to deliver the £10-12million in savings we still need to find next year. We are aiming to complete this work as soon as possible as currently valued members of police staff, including highly professional and highly valued PCSOs, remain unsure of their future.

Once any decisions are made the Chief Constable and I will of course make them public and to this end please do visit my website (www.essex.pcc.police.uk) where news article and blogs are regularly published.

Thank you for your correspondence.

Kind regards,

Nick Alston CBE

Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex
Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner for Essex
3 Hoffmanns Way | Chelmsford | Essex CM1 1GU | T: 01245 291600
Email:  pcc@essex.pnn.police.uk | Web: http://www.essex.pcc.police.uk

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Your Committee send all members and supporters their very best wishes for 2017 – may it be as healthy and happy as it can be for you. And let’s hope we shall see Brexit at last beginning to really happen…..

It is with sorrow that we have to inform you of the death early this month of Ivor Powell who had been our Acting Secretary since October. A former Clacton Estate Agent, he joined UKIP in 1999, and over the years he played a part in committee work when his health allowed. He will be sorely missed and our thoughts are with his wife Hazel and his family. The funeral is to be at 3.30 on Thursday February 2nd at Weeley Crematorium.

On a happier note, you might like to know – if you don’t already – that Nigel Farage is hosting question and answer sessions on LBC radio, also available on TV radio channels. He asks a different question each day and listeners can ring, text or tweet replies.

Our Events Organiser Mike Vaughan-Chatfield and his Social Sub-committee
have arranged for us a “multi skill quiz with music and spoken word”. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it ? That will be at 7 for 7.30 on Friday February 17th at The Robert Burre, 183 Burrs Road, Clacton, CO15 4LN. Cost £1 per person on the door. To give Mike an idea of how many will be there, please ring him on 01255 814801 with your name, and names of others who will make up a table with you if that applies. If not, just come solo and join up with others when you get there.


Those of you who were at the Hustings to select between Clacton’s Jeff Bray and Harwich’s Mike Bush as Tendring Rural East’s County Council candidate will know that Jeff won that vote due to his obvious abilities and his Council experience. But we were all impressed by Mike’s presentation, and when, on the very next day, the Independent Tendring District Councillor for Great and Little Oakley – where Mike lives – resigned, it was no surprise that Harwich immediately put Mike’s name forward. Clacton’s Agent Richard offered to act as Agent for him, and Mike accepted. So now Richard and Mike need help from our stalwart foot-soldiers to do some leafleting. Campaign days will be –

Sat Jan 21st – after 1pm opening of Harwich’s UKIP shop by Tim Aker MEP
Sat Jan 28th – 10am from “Break of Day” Beaumont Rd, Gt.Oakley,CO12 5BD
Sat Feb 4th -ditto. Volunteers please ring Richard on 07766 611826
Thurs Feb 9th – all hands at polling stations.

On Sat Jan 21st we are all invited to the opening of the Harwich UKIP shop at 11 Kings Quay Street Harwich CO12 3EU, open all afternoon from mid-day with merchandise to purchase + raffle. Regional Organiser Peter Smith will be there. Tim Aker MEP (a speaker at Clacton’s inaugural meeting) cuts the tape at 1pm.

It’s good that we have supportive co-operation with our “sister” branch.


UKIP Candidate for Clacton East on Essex County Council. We already have a nomination for this, but if anyone else would like to go before an assessment team (who would make a final selection) please let Tony or Ian know by Jan 28.

Secretary or Committee workers. If any member is able and interested to take on the role of Secretary, or is keen to undertake other work on the Committee, please get in touch with Tony or Ian by Jan 28th.

Chairman Tony – 01255 851035
Deputy Chairman Ian – 01255 822634

Kind Regards

Anthony Finnegan Butler
UKIP Clacton.

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VE Day Memorial Service

Here is a photo of our Membership Secretary John Wrigley at the Royal British Legion VE Day Service, Clacton War Memorial on May 8th.

Also there were Chairman Anthony Finnegan-Butler, UKIP Councillors

Lis Bennison, Anne Davis, Jeff Bray, Mike Bush, Mohammad Khan, Ted Whitmore, and their Leader Mark Stevenson who took this picture.

Still talking...

Still talking!

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CHAIRMAN, Councillor
Mary Newton

Council Meeting, 24th November

Tomorrow evening, Tuesday 24th November, is the next full meeting of the Council. All 60 Tendring District Councillors should be attending, including your sixteen UKIP Councillors.

The meeting starts at 7:30PM and finishes no later than 10:00PM. The public are encouraged to attend and you can come and go as you please.

An important, and interesting, item on the Agenda tomorrow is about the abolition of the Cabinet system in Tendring. This is a UKIP policy nationally and is fully supported by all your UKIP Councillors.

Although there are 60 Councillors in Tendring we have a ‘Cabinet’ system where just ten Councillors, nine men and one woman presently, can make so-called ‘executive’ decisions without consulting the other 50 Councillors. This is not democratic and means that most of you have no say in what happens in the District.

Sometimes the whole Cabinet votes on a decision, like last Friday’s decision to do away with free black bin bags.

Other times a single Cabinet member can make a decision on their own. This concentration of power with just a few Councillors is not right.

For example a couple of months ago a single Councillor, Giancarlo Guglielmi, made the decision on his own to lease an unused Council building in Dovercourt to a private gym rather than to a food bank where it would have been a community hub for help and advice. He completely ignored the social need and social benefit because he felt a few hundred £’s a year in rent was much more important. He’s a Conservative in case you hadn’t guessed already.

Tomorrow I have a motion being put to the vote requesting that the Council investigate alternatives to the un-democratic Cabinet system. UKIP and Holland Residents’ Association are fully behind this and we are hoping Labour, Lib Dem and Tendring First will support it.

Come along to the Town Hall, Clacton if you can and support the motion!

Best Wishes,

Cllr. Mary Newton

UKIP Three Logos

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Ukip Battlebus came to Clacton

UKIPs Battlebus came to Clacton
1.UKIPs Battlebus came to Clacton

UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall listens to Clacton people
2.UKIP Leader Paul Nuttall listens to Clacton people

Paul Oakley and Paul Nuttall chatting inside the Battlebus
3.Paul Oakley and Paul Nuttall chatting inside the Battlebus

Paul Nuttall centre with Paul OakleyRcandidate for Clacton and Aaron Hammond L for Harwich
4.Paul Nuttall centre with Paul OakleyRcandidate for Clacton and Aaron Hammond L for Harwich

Paul Oakley – not his choice of hairstyle just a breezy day!”
5.Paul Oakley - not his choice of hairstyle just a breezy day !

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As you will know, after our splendid result of 22 UKIP Councillors elected back in May, five of them forfeited their right to UKIP membership by ignoring the wishes of the majority, crossing the floor to sit with the Conservatives on the Council, some trying to persuade others to join them there.  Those of us who from the outset have been trying to steer UKIP Clacton Association in the right direction for our country and our constituency, were astounded and disgusted by such inexcusable behaviour. Fortunately the majority of our Councillors recognised they were elected precisely because the electorate did not wish to bolster the Tories.  They were voted in to bring change, and us such they now sit in clear opposition to the Conservative/Independent coalition administration.

Meanwhile the “infamous five” –  who failed to do the honourable thing (which Douglas did  when he stood down so that the voters could have their say)  –   have renamed themselves “Coastal Independents” and continue to sit with the Tories, two of them on the front benches in well-paid positions……

Rather than making knee-jerk reactions, your Committee has allowed the dust to settle and Rush Green’s by-election to take place.

One of the “infamous five” was, believe it or not, our former Treasurer, John Hughes.  It has taken us longer than one would have thought necessary to retrieve the Association’s papers from him;  but now after much deliberation and more than one kind volunteer, the Committee has co-opted a new Treasurer who we believe will fill the post well and look after our funds properly. He is Ian Cross and we welcome him on board.

It was in both our November and December newsletters last year that I detailed who was on the Committee.  For those who have mislaid this information, or have joined since then, I’ll list them again below. (Colin Sargeant was our minutes secretary but stood down. However he continues sterling work organising tours, demonstrations etc, for which we thank him.)

Your Committee are:

ChairmanMary Newton
SecretaryMike Vaughan-Chatfield
TreasurerAlex Porter
Membership SecretaryAnne Davis
Social SecretaryGraham Townley
WebmasterPeter Cawthron
Campaign ManagerBeverley Sancier

It is hoped that in our next newsletter we will be able to detail for you the UKIP Councillors, their contact details plus the committees they serve on. Because of the rather fluid situation to date, it has not been possible to bring you this information sooner  –  although for those who use the internet, things may be followed on the Tendring District Council website.

On Saturday July 4th at the Crowne Plaza Resort, Colchester, UKIP Eastern Region held its annual Conference.  This was a very worth-while occasion at a delightful venue, and it was good to see some of our most supportive members there. If you were unable to be there this time, do look out for info from the Eastern Region on your screens next year and come along if you can, wherever it may be held.  Douglas was one of the inspirational speakers, along with our three MEPs  –  Stuart Agnew, Tim Aker and Patrick O’Flynn.  We also heard various branch members talking about their council experiences,and from whom it is hoped to pick up a few useful tips. UKIP’s Deputy Chairman for Policy Presentation, Suzanne Evans, galvanised everyone’s attention with her message on the importance of the Referendum.

This is now our first and foremost concern. You should all have received the little black-and-white pamphlet entitled “Britain’s Suicide Note” which John Wrigley will have sent you.  Do read it again, and pass on its message whenever, wherever and to whomever you can.  We MUST extricate our country from this undemocratic, all-devouring clumsy colossus that is the EU.

UKIP’s referendum campaign kicks off in September, so we shall be gathering our forces for this most important of battles.

As neither Sue nor her deputy could be there, John attended the meeting of Essex Chairmen in Chelmsford.  The new over-all Chairman of this group is Bill Pryor from Harlow. He is very forward-looking and pro-active, keen for more co-operation between Essex branches for the  benefit of everyone. This has been sadly lacking up until now and will be a most useful step forward for members in Essex branches.

Douglas Carswell has two events coming up, to raise much-needed funds, and to which we are all welcome  –  although numbers are limited, so it’s best to book soon if you would like to come along.

At 7 pm on Friday August 7th at Holland Hall, 139 Frinton Road, Holland-on-Sea CO15 5UR, there is a fish-and-chips supper (tickets £10)  with Douglas, who will be discussing: “Why we all need to cheer up!

So a good nosh and a good cheer-up should make for a happy evening….

Then on Saturday September19th,7pm in the McGrigor Hall, Ashlyns Road Frinton CO13 9EB Douglas will be holding a Quiz Night.  Tickets £10  –  including a Ploughman’s supper. Do come along and test your knowledge.

Our Social Secretary Mary will be organising something for us in October and November, details to follow.

Have a happy August

Joan (Secretary)   01255 820 833


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The Truth About Trade Beyond the EU

Why exiting the EU takes the UK into a world of new opportunity (13 pages).

The Truth About Trade Beyond The EU

Click on the image above to open or save this PDF file. You will need Acrobat PDF reader installed on your computer to read this. You can download Acrobat Reader for free from Adobe.

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“A UKIP wipe-out” was how the media described the County Council election results; and for once they were – sadly – right. Despite a lot of hard work from our candidates, and very much appreciated assistance to them from a number of members and supporters, with only one exception they all came no higher than third or fourth (although Andrew Pemberton was only one vote short of tying for second place). The exception was Jeff Bray in Tendring Rural East who came second; but even he had less than half the votes of the Tory who won the seat. So wipe-out it was, right across the country apparently – although some areas had no County Council elections and UKIP Councillors in those areas remain in place.

It would seem that Theresa May is a much more wily politician than one might have thought her to be. Having clearly announced “No general election until 2020”, she suddenly sprang one on us, catching everyone unawares – including the electorate, who were so mesmerised by this unexpected development that they went into May 4th entirely in general election mode, abandoning the usual choice in local/county elections of someone likely to be best for the locality, in favour of giving support to the self-proclaimed “bloody-minded woman” prepared to stand up to Juncker in Brussels.

However, what she says she will do and what she actually does are, as we have seen on more than one occasion, not necessarily the same, and this is one of the reasons why we in UKIP are needed now even more than ever. Too big a majority on June 8th and Theresa may consider herself free to backslide…… we really do need someone in Westminster to keep an eye on her.

In fact with UKIP safely out of the way, the whole of the Parliamentary establishment could well backslide to what has recently been its default position, i.e. – “We’re in charge. The masses must do as we say. Why should we listen to them ?” If we want ordinary men and women to have a voice in what goes on in our own country, then we desperately need UKIP to keep fighting for us.

Which brings us to our next area of effort. We are going to need the full help of all our members and supporters towards General Election polling day June 8th.

And the news we’ve all been waiting for has come in at last. Members of UKIP National Executive Committee struggled to find a way to accept our own local candidate. But – although we all believe Jeff Bray when he says that his entirely unobjectionable Tweets have been interfered with to make it look as though he was tweeting objectionable things (and although we all know of someone who is clever enough yet at the same time stupid enough, unintelligent enough and also unpleasant enough to do that) – the NEC could not accept a candidate whose Twitter comments, real or falsified, would be likely to cause disruption to the UKIP campaign in other parts of the country as well as here.

Those who came to our Hustings on April 26th heard both Jeff Bray and Paul Oakley speak. Local man Jeff won, but the vote between them was very close.

Several afterwards said they thought Paul would make a good candidate for us.

And this, as our anxiously waiting Chairman finally heard, is to be the case.


As there seems to be some misunderstanding about how Paul came to be in Clacton, here is an outline of how these things work:

UKIP’s “PPC Team” (Prospective Parliamentary Candidates) work all year round to assess anyone who puts themselves forward as a prospective MP, so they have a list of members who have been accepted whenever there is a by-election. At times of General Election, more people come forward so the PPC Team’s work becomes monumental, especially now that applicants’ social media have to be investigated fully – not a problem in days gone by, of course!

Everyone accepted as a prospective candidate is then given a list of Branches from which they can choose one to apply to, names of any such applicants are sent to the Branches, and if more than one, or there is a local applicant too, then a Hustings must be held for the members to decide whom they would prefer to represent them in Parliament. The majority of Branches, having no candidate from amongst their members, are very happy with this procedure.

At our previous Hustings, just before Douglas came over to us, we were sent five names of people who wanted to stand in Clacton ! Our then Committee turned down two for various reasons, so we organised a Hustings for three – although at the last minute the one we expected to like best pulled out…

The whole point is that none of these were people being “parachuted in” by HQ.

They had all – as has Paul Oakley – chosen to ask the people of Clacton to give consideration to their application, using the usual channels of procedure. In fact we’re very lucky not only that Paul wants to come here, but that he has already been warmly endorsed by members. Otherwise, with Jeff tweeted out of the running, we would have had no choice but to accept a parachutist. Nigel himself on a parachute would have been welcomed with open arms, but no-one else !


If you can help in any way leafleting, poster in window or car, board in garden, fly a UKIP flag, or etc please ring –

Chairman Tony on 01255 851 035 or 07890 363 369

Membership Secretary John/Secretary Joan on 01255 820 833

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Eastern Conference at Chelmsford Racecourse. 30th July 2017

Organised by Essex Chairman Bill Pryor and Eastern’s Peter Smith

This was a very successful meeting. Our 3 MEPs spoke brilliantly well, stressing the continued necessity for UKIP if our country is to thrive.

Bill Pryor               Tim Aker MEP       Patrick O’Flynn MEP         Stuart Agnew MEP

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Nigel Visited Clacton Again June 2nd 2017

On June 2nd Nigel Farage came once again to Clacton, in support of our candidate Paul Oakley, walking and talking with people in the town centre and on the Pier, then to Tom Peppers for a beer.

Paul and Nigel

Paul with some of his supportersWith a young admirer.

Ukip Clacton’s Candidate for 2017 General Election


We enjoyed having you with us Paul. Sorry our electorate didn’t do better for you!

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Press Letter – Liz Havers

A VOTE to leave the EU is the only patriotic choice. Believe in Britain. I came to the United Kingdom in the early sixties when this great nation was free and ruled by our democratic Parliament. It had the resources to be able to train many nurses. I trained and qualified as a State Registered Nurse. I was given this opportunity to follow my vocation, and I was pleased and grateful to the National Health Service.

There were many young soldiers, a whole generation from Great Britain and her Allies who helped to save and liberate Europe. Many have given their lives for this cherished freedom. We must remember them by our deeds. No price is too great to pay for our freedom and democracy. Vote to LEAVE the EU to preserve our Sovereignty and our Democracy.

Elizabeth Havers, Frinton.

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Press Letter – Freedom

FREEDOM – as we’re told by those who suffered under Communism, the Nazi jack-boot and other repressive regimes – is what citizens regret most once they’ve lost it. Above all else we must guard our freedoms.

It has long been the right of every freeborn British person to grumble about our leaders and others in authority over us. We call it “freedom of speech”.

On May 6th the EU removed that right. The European Court of Justice ruled that the right to complain about, or otherwise point out the failings or wrong-doings of, the EU Commission is illegal – and gave the Commission the right to legally punish “individuals who damage the institution’s image and reputation”.

Almost the same words were used in the Enabling Act of 1933, allowing the German government to “abolish civil liberties” including rights of free speech, which were not restored in that country until 1945. (Don’t take my word for it; the complete transcript of the Act in both German and English is available online.) So perhaps Boris Johnson wasn’t far wrong when he likened the EU to Hitler’s regime.

Add to this the recent sabre-rattling pronouncements of EU Commission President Jean-Claude Junker. He threatens the UK that if we leave the EU we will “be regarded as deserters” and “face consequences”. So much for the EU’s regard, respect and friendliness towards us!

Obviously remaining tied to and taking our orders from such unelected overlords and institutions – who care nothing for people but are fanatical about federalism – would rapidly remove the freedoms we should nurture and cherish.

There you have the most fundamental reasons for voting LEAVE on June 23rd.

Joan Wrigley
St. Osyth.

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Press Letter – Back Pocket Politics

FOR many years our political scene has been dominated by men of dedication – dedication, that is, to their own best interests.

Not so long ago this meant dedication to ensuring they and their party got returned at elections. Latterly it has meant dedication to ensuring they retain the opportunity to make huge amounts of money for themselves from EU coffers. (These EU coffers, please note, are filled by you and me – filled from money paid as taxation by the working peoples of European member states, including us.)

Where, oh where are the men and women dedicated to the best interests of their country, the best interests of their countrymen, the best interests of those whose taxes pay them? Such dedicated politicians have all but gone, long since disappeared with scarcely a whimper. Those very few who remain are, of course, bad-mouthed because they pose a threat to the greed of all the others.

So when David Cameron and his henchmen tell you how important it is that we remain in the EU, just remember for whom it is important. Remember whose back-pockets will be filled when they are given jobs in the EU – because it most certainly won’t be yours or mine!

Joan Wrigley
St. Osyth.

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Visit to Parliament March 20th – Report

Big Ben

In Westminster Hall

On March 20th, fifty Clacton residents were guests of Douglas Carswell MP to the Palace of Westminster and Parliament. The weather was very kind, although the traffic made the journey seem a long one.

They saw Westminster Hall first built in 1097, St. Stephens Hall where the Commons originally sat, theLords’ Chamber (there was business being undertaken in the Commons), the Royal Throne, and also a Committee Room overlooking the Thames.

Following the tour, Douglas gave a resume of his normal week as an MP, and splitting his time and dutiesbetween work for his Clacton constituents and parliamentary work at Westminster.

(The trip was organised by Colin Sargeant who also wrote this report.)

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Columbine Centre Meeting March 19th – Report


On Thursday March 19th at the Columbine Centre in Walton our MP Douglas Carswellwas joined by MEP Patrick O’Flynn to address nearly 200 people from across the Clacton Constituency. MC for the evening, who introduced the speakers, was John Wrigley, UKIP Clacton’s Membership Secretary.

The Eastern Region has three UKIP MEPs. Both Stuart Agnew MEP and Tim Aker MEP have spoken at our previous public meetings here, so it was a pleasure to welcome Patrick O’Flynn for the first time.

Patrick, UKIP’s Head of Communications / Economics Spokesman, pulled no punches. He told it how it is: LibLabCons, falsely accusing UKIP of racism, are the real racists: they would reduce immigration numbers by refusing entry to Indian or Sri Lankan doctors, New Zealand engineers etc while following EU orders, leaving borders open to anyone from anywhere in Europe. Where’s the sense in turning away English-speaking people with the qualifications our country needs, while letting unknowns crowd in with no checks at all?

Cameron promised to get immigration below 100,000 a year, yet last year it was 295,000. Can it be fair that unchecked immigration should allow large corporations to take advantage of migrant workers at lower wages, pushing down wages for UK workers and affecting our school-leavers?

It can’t make sense that, while short of money for our National Health Service, we should allow it to be a free International Health Service for overseas visitors to expect not only treatment but interpreters too. And
surely social security benefits are for UK citizens, not non-citizens with overseas families who haven’t paid in.

The armed forces, power costs, wind and solar farms etc were also talked about in a straight-forward way.

With austerity measures at home, how can it make sense to pay billions each year to the EU, and millions in foreign aid to countries where money often doesn’t reach those it’s intend for? Shouldn’t we target aid for clean water and medicines where urgent, but keep some of those millions for our needy here at home?

Rounds of appreciative applause punctuated Patrick’s forthright delivery of UKIP’s common-sense views.Douglas then gave an obviously heartfelt talk from his own viewpoint and that of his Clacton constituents.He told us his reason for leaving his previous party: he had found himself unable to truly represent the wishes of us, his constituents, being constrained to vote as ordered by party whips. But with UKIP he is free to speak and vote as we would wish. He clearly cares about us all, and such democratic freedom is important to him.

Douglas described the present House of Commons as a cosy club where the party leaders get together to make decisions, and their whips ensure everyone toes the party line. These cosy coteries have become entirely divorced from the real world, showing no understanding of, or concern for, the people who elected them. Change is urgently needed to return democratic power to the people. Douglas has already shown that he knows
we deserve an MP who will listen to us.

Douglas also warned us that Tendring District Council has similarly become a chums’ club whose members – with some notable exceptions – pay little attention to those who elected them. They vote as their party tells them to, without regard for what the people in their wards want. Housing is a case in point: hardly anyone wants 12,000 newbuilds in the area, knowing they are not for locals but for London jobless overspill; yet the Conservative and Labour Councillors voted in favour of them. Now they say they didn’t really mean it! How can we re-elect people who don’t care what we want? Evidently change is urgently needed on the TDC too. UKIP have candidates standing in most wards with the aim of representing us at local level. They know that we deserve Councillors who will listen to us.

Speaking of street lighting, GPs, hospitals, police-stations, train services, Douglas showed he has his finger on the pulse of our concerns, and his words were received with warm ovations throughout.

After the addresses an interesting question and answer session was held, with a number of pertinent questions being asked from the audience and given full and careful answers by Patrick and Douglas. UKIP Clacton’s Chairperson, Sue Shearing, then asked that those who were standing for election to the TDC should stand up to be seen. Not all were there, but a good number were and received a round of applause.

Our MC gave warm thanks to our speakers. He presented the one who had travelled furthest with a bottle of wine, and the one whom he described as “follicly challenged” with a UKIP baseball cap for sun protection!


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Never mind “Clactonian Man”! Look no further back than the 1950s and to a man named Jeffrey Titford who lived and worked here. Listen to the resounding names: “Keep the British Pound Party”, “The Referendum Party”, and then the “U. K. Independence Party”. Some will tell you that UKIP itself actually began elsewhere; but we here in the Clacton Constituency like to believe that the actions Jeffrey took right here and back then, are what sparked its foundation – and the fact that he is one of UKIP’s Presidents rather indicates that others think as we do.

And so to our modern-day history-maker, Douglas Carswell, who had the courage and integrity not only to follow where his conscience led him, but also to place his future in the hands of the people of Clacton – and they showed themselves to be of similar mettle, returning him with a resounding majority as Britain’s first UKIP MP


Nigel and Douglas celebrate.

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Members travelled from far and wide across the region – some by special transport – to fill the large assembly room at Colchester United Football Club’s Community Stadium.

During the morning we had encouraging reports of growth from Beds, Cambs, Herts, Hunts, Norfolk and Suffolk. The person down to talk about Essex wasn’t there; but no problem as Tim Aker filled the gap, reporting mainly on South Essex but also mentioning us in Clacton.

After reports from a number of the recently elected local Councillors, it was the turn of our three MEPs elected in May who each spoke a few words. They thanked us all for our efforts which had brought about such a resounding result.

It was gratifying that all three speakers from our two open meetings – Peter Reeve, Stuart Agnew and Tim Aker – asked John and me to pass on their thanks to all of our members and other supporters here in Clacton, reiterating what they had previously told us – that Clacton’s were the largest, most exciting public meetings of the many they had spoken at in the run-up to the MEP elections. So, sincere thanks to you all: you know that you are very much appreciated.

As the morning session went on longer than planned, the afternoon had to be cut short. But some extremely helpful ideas were put forward by George Konstantinidis, Regional Chair, and by Lisa Duffy, Party Director – all suggestions to help us maintain our momentum and growth through to our local and general elections, now little more than ten months away…..

We very much hope that we can count on your help in this respect also.

Our final picture shows (from left) Tim Aker MEP, Patrick O’Flynn MEP , Peter Reeve Regional Organiser, Stuart Agnew MEP, George Konstantinidis Regional Chairman. George may look as though he’s dozing, but I can assure you he is not !

George it was who organised the whole Conference, and a very fine job he made of it. Here, he is listening just as intently as the others to a question being asked by one of our Clacton members, while at the same time checking his computer for what should come next. Who says men can’t multi-task ?

And the question? A very valid one:
Will the MEPs please report back about the actions they take for Britain’s benefit in the EU, so that we can pass this on to those who want to know what they actually do there ? Watch these pages for the results of that one as and when they come through.

Report by Joan Wrigley. Photos by webmaster Erik Lloyd.

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Clacton 2nd Meeting – EU Results – 22nd May

Here in the newly established Clacton Constituency Association we are proud to have played a small part in UKIP’s Essex success story. Our parliamentary constituency forms a large part of Tendring which, examining the figures, has not only the second highest number of votes cast for UKIP in the Eastern Region on May 22nd (19,398), but also in fact the very highest UKIP percentage (48.4%) of votes cast. Interestingly, Conservatives in Tendring polled only just over half the number of votes achieved by UKIP, whilst Labour had just over half those of the Conservatives, the Green party roughly half of Labour, and the Lib Dems a third of the Greens. A very resounding result for UKIP.

So a very heartfelt thank you to all those who contributed greatly to this success, both members and supporters alike, many of whom were out in all weathers to distribute our leaflets and encourage support – and of course to all who voted for UKIP on the day.

We were privileged to have had, as inspiring speakers at our public meeting on May 1st, two of the MEPs elected for this Eastern Region, Stuart Agnew and Tim Aker. The third, Patrick O’Flynn, we shall look forward to inviting on a later occasion.

New membership enquiries to:

John Wrigley, Membership Secretary,

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Clacton 2nd Meeting – Report

UKIP Speakers share a laugh with a packed and attentive audience of members and supporters. Stuart Agnew MEP and Tim Aker candidate; beside them UKIP Clacton Chairman Laurie Gray.

UKIP CLACTON ASSOCIATION’s second public meeting was an even greater success than its first. Once again it was standing room only, this time in an even larger venue at The Tavern, Holland-on-Sea.

Speakers Stuart Agnew, an MEP for this region, and Tim Aker, Head of Policy for UKIP and MEP candidate, gave us no airy-fairy wishy-washy party political platitudes. They gave it to us straight about the European Union’s devastating effects on the British economy, society and democratic sovereignty. They told it as it is, leaving us in no doubt of the enormous wastage of our taxpayers’ monies, burden on our services and hindrance to our farms and small businesses whilst we remain members of the EU.

Stuart Agnew recounted some tales of the goings-on in Brussels and Strasbourg, especially in relation to fishing and agricultural laws imposed on us, which were a real eye-opener on the absurdity, stupidity and inappropriate short-sightedness of the diktats handed out by EU Commissioners. These are the men who, not voted for by anyone, make up identical laws for each and every country in the EU, regardless of their varied needs.

Both of our straight-talking Speakers left us in no doubt that we cannot rely on any of the so-called “big three” parties (though they all seem to be shrinking by the day) to get us out of Europe. Lib-Dems have never wanted to, Labour don’t want to, and neither do most of the Conservatives. We all know David Cameron’s words can’t be relied on; they’re merely an attempt to deflect UKIP voters by pretending to espouse the same causes while carefully avoiding doing anything about it. He’s all words but no action.

Our Speakers go into action every day trying to combat the disastrous effects the EU has on our daily lives.

They fired us up to go out and stimulate others to action, and above all to make sure that on May 22nd (ignoring all those parties trying to cash in on our success by calling themselves names that look and sound a little bit like ours) we go right down to the bottom of the voting paper to find and be certain to vote for the


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Inaugural Minutes Feb 2014



27th February 2014 at the Kingscliff Hotel, Kings Parade, Holland-on-Sea.

This, the first of our newly-formed Association’s General Meetings, was combined with an open meeting where the general public were invited to join our members and hear two inspiring speakers.

This was a most unusual form of AGM; but since the only Association business which needed to be transacted at that point was voting by ballot for our committee, it was possible to conduct this with a simple ballot slip on the bottom of the letter giving members 21 days notice of the meeting. This they returned as they came into the meeting, voting either in favour or against retaining those who had worked to form UKIP Clacton, until our next AGM. There was also a place for those who wished to abstain, to make their mark.

Had a majority voted against, then a further AGM would have had to be called for March, and a new Committee elected. However, all forms returned were in favour with none against and no abstentions. A few members apologised for forgetting to bring the ballot form with them but stated that they had marked it in favour, whilst others, unable to attend, had sent theirs back by post and all of these were also in favour. Therefore, as the meeting got under way the announcement was made that those who had helped to bring about the establishment of the Clacton Association would continue to serve as our committee during the following months.

The remainder of this meeting was a most exciting event as members and public crowded into the large Kingscliff venue. It became standing room only, and our speakers Tim Aker and Peter Reeve rose to the occasion and enthused us all. We gained several new members that evening, and a good number of new supporters too – so altogether a most successful Inaugural General Meeting.


Anthony Finnegan-Butler
Joan Wrigley

(both collecting ballot slips on the door at the Kingscliff Hotel)

Signed as a true record
AGM 23 October 2014
Wick Lodge, Jaywick Lane

Laurie Gray, Chairman

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Inaugural Report Feb 2014

ABSORBING UKIP SPEAKERS’ WORDS: thoughtful moments between hearty applause at the crowded meeting.


IT WAS STANDING ROOM ONLY on Feb 27th at the public meeting organized by members of the United Kingdom Independence Party’s new Association within the Clacton Parliamentary Constituency.

The unexpectedly large audience gave eager applause to speakers Tim Aker and Peter Reeve, who explained UKIP policies in common sense words, echoing what the man in the street has been saying for years and showing that this is a listening party. The whole room buzzed with enthusiastic agreement.

A lively question and answer session rounded off this vibrant evening.

The next public meeting, with MEP Stuart Agnew and candidate Tim Aker, will be at 7 for 7.30pm on Thursday May 1st, at a larger venue to be announced.


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