Press Letter – Liz Havers

A VOTE to leave the EU is the only patriotic choice. Believe in Britain. I came to the United Kingdom in the early sixties when this great nation was free and ruled by our democratic Parliament. It had the resources to be able to train many nurses. I trained and qualified as a State Registered Nurse. I was given this opportunity to follow my vocation, and I was pleased and grateful to the National Health Service.

There were many young soldiers, a whole generation from Great Britain and her Allies who helped to save and liberate Europe. Many have given their lives for this cherished freedom. We must remember them by our deeds. No price is too great to pay for our freedom and democracy. Vote to LEAVE the EU to preserve our Sovereignty and our Democracy.

Elizabeth Havers, Frinton.

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Press Letter – Freedom

FREEDOM – as we’re told by those who suffered under Communism, the Nazi jack-boot and other repressive regimes – is what citizens regret most once they’ve lost it. Above all else we must guard our freedoms.

It has long been the right of every freeborn British person to grumble about our leaders and others in authority over us. We call it “freedom of speech”.

On May 6th the EU removed that right. The European Court of Justice ruled that the right to complain about, or otherwise point out the failings or wrong-doings of, the EU Commission is illegal – and gave the Commission the right to legally punish “individuals who damage the institution’s image and reputation”.

Almost the same words were used in the Enabling Act of 1933, allowing the German government to “abolish civil liberties” including rights of free speech, which were not restored in that country until 1945. (Don’t take my word for it; the complete transcript of the Act in both German and English is available online.) So perhaps Boris Johnson wasn’t far wrong when he likened the EU to Hitler’s regime.

Add to this the recent sabre-rattling pronouncements of EU Commission President Jean-Claude Junker. He threatens the UK that if we leave the EU we will “be regarded as deserters” and “face consequences”. So much for the EU’s regard, respect and friendliness towards us!

Obviously remaining tied to and taking our orders from such unelected overlords and institutions – who care nothing for people but are fanatical about federalism – would rapidly remove the freedoms we should nurture and cherish.

There you have the most fundamental reasons for voting LEAVE on June 23rd.

Joan Wrigley
St. Osyth.

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Press Letter – Back Pocket Politics

FOR many years our political scene has been dominated by men of dedication – dedication, that is, to their own best interests.

Not so long ago this meant dedication to ensuring they and their party got returned at elections. Latterly it has meant dedication to ensuring they retain the opportunity to make huge amounts of money for themselves from EU coffers. (These EU coffers, please note, are filled by you and me – filled from money paid as taxation by the working peoples of European member states, including us.)

Where, oh where are the men and women dedicated to the best interests of their country, the best interests of their countrymen, the best interests of those whose taxes pay them? Such dedicated politicians have all but gone, long since disappeared with scarcely a whimper. Those very few who remain are, of course, bad-mouthed because they pose a threat to the greed of all the others.

So when David Cameron and his henchmen tell you how important it is that we remain in the EU, just remember for whom it is important. Remember whose back-pockets will be filled when they are given jobs in the EU – because it most certainly won’t be yours or mine!

Joan Wrigley
St. Osyth.

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