As you will know, after our splendid result of 22 UKIP Councillors elected back in May, five of them forfeited their right to UKIP membership by ignoring the wishes of the majority, crossing the floor to sit with the Conservatives on the Council, some trying to persuade others to join them there.  Those of us who from the outset have been trying to steer UKIP Clacton Association in the right direction for our country and our constituency, were astounded and disgusted by such inexcusable behaviour. Fortunately the majority of our Councillors recognised they were elected precisely because the electorate did not wish to bolster the Tories.  They were voted in to bring change, and us such they now sit in clear opposition to the Conservative/Independent coalition administration.

Meanwhile the “infamous five” –  who failed to do the honourable thing (which Douglas did  when he stood down so that the voters could have their say)  –   have renamed themselves “Coastal Independents” and continue to sit with the Tories, two of them on the front benches in well-paid positions……

Rather than making knee-jerk reactions, your Committee has allowed the dust to settle and Rush Green’s by-election to take place.

One of the “infamous five” was, believe it or not, our former Treasurer, John Hughes.  It has taken us longer than one would have thought necessary to retrieve the Association’s papers from him;  but now after much deliberation and more than one kind volunteer, the Committee has co-opted a new Treasurer who we believe will fill the post well and look after our funds properly. He is Ian Cross and we welcome him on board.

It was in both our November and December newsletters last year that I detailed who was on the Committee.  For those who have mislaid this information, or have joined since then, I’ll list them again below. (Colin Sargeant was our minutes secretary but stood down. However he continues sterling work organising tours, demonstrations etc, for which we thank him.)

Your Committee are:

ChairmanMary Newton
SecretaryMike Vaughan-Chatfield
TreasurerAlex Porter
Membership SecretaryAnne Davis
Social SecretaryGraham Townley
WebmasterPeter Cawthron
Campaign ManagerBeverley Sancier

It is hoped that in our next newsletter we will be able to detail for you the UKIP Councillors, their contact details plus the committees they serve on. Because of the rather fluid situation to date, it has not been possible to bring you this information sooner  –  although for those who use the internet, things may be followed on the Tendring District Council website.

On Saturday July 4th at the Crowne Plaza Resort, Colchester, UKIP Eastern Region held its annual Conference.  This was a very worth-while occasion at a delightful venue, and it was good to see some of our most supportive members there. If you were unable to be there this time, do look out for info from the Eastern Region on your screens next year and come along if you can, wherever it may be held.  Douglas was one of the inspirational speakers, along with our three MEPs  –  Stuart Agnew, Tim Aker and Patrick O’Flynn.  We also heard various branch members talking about their council experiences,and from whom it is hoped to pick up a few useful tips. UKIP’s Deputy Chairman for Policy Presentation, Suzanne Evans, galvanised everyone’s attention with her message on the importance of the Referendum.

This is now our first and foremost concern. You should all have received the little black-and-white pamphlet entitled “Britain’s Suicide Note” which John Wrigley will have sent you.  Do read it again, and pass on its message whenever, wherever and to whomever you can.  We MUST extricate our country from this undemocratic, all-devouring clumsy colossus that is the EU.

UKIP’s referendum campaign kicks off in September, so we shall be gathering our forces for this most important of battles.

As neither Sue nor her deputy could be there, John attended the meeting of Essex Chairmen in Chelmsford.  The new over-all Chairman of this group is Bill Pryor from Harlow. He is very forward-looking and pro-active, keen for more co-operation between Essex branches for the  benefit of everyone. This has been sadly lacking up until now and will be a most useful step forward for members in Essex branches.

Douglas Carswell has two events coming up, to raise much-needed funds, and to which we are all welcome  –  although numbers are limited, so it’s best to book soon if you would like to come along.

At 7 pm on Friday August 7th at Holland Hall, 139 Frinton Road, Holland-on-Sea CO15 5UR, there is a fish-and-chips supper (tickets £10)  with Douglas, who will be discussing: “Why we all need to cheer up!

So a good nosh and a good cheer-up should make for a happy evening….

Then on Saturday September19th,7pm in the McGrigor Hall, Ashlyns Road Frinton CO13 9EB Douglas will be holding a Quiz Night.  Tickets £10  –  including a Ploughman’s supper. Do come along and test your knowledge.

Our Social Secretary Mary will be organising something for us in October and November, details to follow.

Have a happy August

Joan (Secretary)   01255 820 833


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