UKIP Needed More than Ever

We cannot agree with people who say that, now Article 50 is triggered, it is “Job done”.

The job is, in our view, far from done; and to assume that all will go ahead in a straight-forward, totally satisfactory manner, would seem to be somewhat naïve, if not outright wishful thinking.

Unfortunately we have a Government – in fact a whole Parliament – full of people with a cap-in-hand mentality. They are not accustomed to standing on their own feet and running our country for the benefit of its people. For too many years they have waited for Brussels to tell them what they must do, so that now, acting independently is a task which they seem to find daunting, as if they scarcely know how to handle it.

David Cameron went cap-in-hand around the 27 EU countries, yet he achieved precious little. Theresa May looked ready to go cap-in-hand to Brussels, but with her cap full of our money to bribe them into letting us do what she wants. Instead of that, she should be going there with our mandate in hand and telling Brussels what we require to have done.

We are still suffering cuts here at home while continuing to pay an exorbitant amount to the EU. Negotiations for our leaving are only just beginning, more than a year after the Referendum ! And when our first Independence Day has already been celebrated !!!

And as for paying a “leaving fee” – well, that is simply ludicrous. The time for the UK to STOP being a soft touch is NOW.

Which is why UKIP is still so badly needed.

Some very silly people at the top of UKIP have done and said silly things – and not only at the top but here in our midst too. Your Committee will not be deflected by any of them. We are determined, along with the majority of our members and supporters who are decent, clear-thinking people, to press on and do our bit towards a brighter future for our country. We will support our Party as it develops its policy of unity and reform to grow our membership across the UK, and as it monitors Brexit progress.

Knowing that, across the whole country, thousands of UKIP members are keeping watch helps wonderfully to concentrate the Government’s efforts!

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