A message from Interim Leader – Patricia Mountain

Dear Member

Following the resignation of Richard Braine as UKIP Leader on the 30th October 2019, your National Executive Committee had to appoint an interim leader to reside over the forthcoming General Election and to “caretake” the UKIP leadership role.

On Saturday 16th November 2019 the NEC voted for me to take up this temporary post.

I will be in post for the interim period only: no later than 31st January 2020.
I have seen many comments on social media such as, “this is another fix by the NEC we, the members decide our leader”.   Yes, this is indeed the case and very shortly there will be a Leadership Contest and members will be able to vote for the candidate of their choice.

For me, leadership is about service and I promise to deal with as many pressing issues as possible during my time as the Interim Leader of UKIP.  I firmly believe that we need to address the problems, not attack each other.

I should like to take this early opportunity to thank the members who have put themselves forward to stand as UKIP candidates in the forthcoming General Election also the campaigners and foot soldiers who will be supporting them.

I am the UKIP South East Regional Officer, East Sussex County Officer, a recently elected member of the NEC and a personal friend to many members, I offer my hand of friendship to you all.

There are many challenges ahead if we are to save the Party, there is no silver bullet but with your help and co-operation I believe we will rise from the ashes.

This is the shortest of messages, I will be contacting you again in the very near future with updates of progress on:

  • Appointment of National Spokespeople.
  • Progress on our Manifesto.
  • The excellent work being undertaken by our National Campaign Manager Freddy Vaccha in readiness for the forthcoming General Election.
  • Proposed meetings with key UKIP personnel.
  • Branch structures.

Kind regards,

Patricia Mountain

Interim Leader


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