Gerard Batten “Turns around UKIP”

Since taking over in February Gerard and his team Tony McIntyre Chairman, Sebastian Fairweather Treasurer, Liz Phillips Personal Assistant who do difficult and demanding roles on a voluntary basis, the team at Lexdrum House in Devon under David Chalice, Manager, and Hilary John, Accounts. Without this small band of dedicated people, UKIP would not exist. And last but not least, the NEC who have been cooperative and supportive of Gerard and the decisions he has made. UKIP’s longtime press officer Gawain Towler who works with Gerard on a part-time basis. Gerard has saved us from destruction.
The UKIP Patrons Club has been reformed as a Limited Company so that its funds are protected and the use of money transparent to its members. Patron Club members pay a subscription of £1000 per annum.
We are also raising money from the Sovereign Draw (please, play if you don’t already)

UKIP is the Party that stands for restoring Britain’s institutions such as Parliamentary democracy, and a free and impartial legal system under our statute and common law-not rule by foreign law. We will publish a new manifesto for publication in September with our aims and intentions clearly set out. Every policy in our Manifesto will have one guiding principle behind it-that is in the National Interest.

“No more payments to Brussels, no more EU laws imposed on us, and no more open borders”

UKIP the Party of traditional British values, tolerance, free speech, free thinking and debate.

We trust we can look forward to your continued support.

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