CHAIRMAN, Councillor
Mary Newton

Council Meeting, 24th November

Tomorrow evening, Tuesday 24th November, is the next full meeting of the Council. All 60 Tendring District Councillors should be attending, including your sixteen UKIP Councillors.

The meeting starts at 7:30PM and finishes no later than 10:00PM. The public are encouraged to attend and you can come and go as you please.

An important, and interesting, item on the Agenda tomorrow is about the abolition of the Cabinet system in Tendring. This is a UKIP policy nationally and is fully supported by all your UKIP Councillors.

Although there are 60 Councillors in Tendring we have a ‘Cabinet’ system where just ten Councillors, nine men and one woman presently, can make so-called ‘executive’ decisions without consulting the other 50 Councillors. This is not democratic and means that most of you have no say in what happens in the District.

Sometimes the whole Cabinet votes on a decision, like last Friday’s decision to do away with free black bin bags.

Other times a single Cabinet member can make a decision on their own. This concentration of power with just a few Councillors is not right.

For example a couple of months ago a single Councillor, Giancarlo Guglielmi, made the decision on his own to lease an unused Council building in Dovercourt to a private gym rather than to a food bank where it would have been a community hub for help and advice. He completely ignored the social need and social benefit because he felt a few hundred £’s a year in rent was much more important. He’s a Conservative in case you hadn’t guessed already.

Tomorrow I have a motion being put to the vote requesting that the Council investigate alternatives to the un-democratic Cabinet system. UKIP and Holland Residents’ Association are fully behind this and we are hoping Labour, Lib Dem and Tendring First will support it.

Come along to the Town Hall, Clacton if you can and support the motion!

Best Wishes,

Cllr. Mary Newton

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